Spacestor - Welcome Ashley - Our New Workspace Concept Advisor

Welcome Ashley – Our New Workspace Concept Advisor

'Welcome Ashley – Our New Workspace Concept Advisor' featured image

Here at Spacestor we’re always excited to welcome fresh faces. Sometimes, we even welcome faces that aren’t brand new!

Ashley Woolgar is our newest addition to the company, so read on to get to know Ashley a little better.

Not only does Ashley have a background in joinery manufacturing but he also used to work for Spacestor back in 2002 where he gained multiple titles working his way through Spacestor as a project manager, factory manager, customer service manager and installations manager. You guessed it, Ashley is pretty ambitious.

After working through a range of interesting roles, Ashley then progressed into looking after half of the country’s sales in 2006. In 2012 he sadly left us to pursue to work for a bespoke joinery manufacturer where he spent an enjoyable 4 years using his customer service skills and building his joinery skills simultaneously.

At Spacestor, we missed Ashley’s expertise and much to our delight, when we contacted him to ask him if he’d return to Spacestor he agreed to assume the role of our new Workspace Concept Advisor. 🙂

In his time away from the company, Ashley was told by multiple others that Spacestor is a “cool place to work”, which of course, we must agree with. After all, creating innovative, enjoyable and exciting workspace environments is what we’re all about!

Ashley is excited to be back, helping to grow some of our loyal clients and we’re pleased to welcome him back to the company.

Welcome (back) Ashley! 🙂