Spacestor - Lyft

A Fun and Memorable California-Based Ride-Sharing Service

Lyft is an app, which matches drivers with passengers who request rides and pay for the service through their smartphone.

They aim to provide a fun and memorable ride-sharing service for their customers and they wanted an extension of this brand personality into their workspace.

One of the goals in designing the new offices was to construct a quirky and fun environment, which would encourage talent attraction and retention.

Lyft were incredibly enthused by what they saw at our stall at 100% Design London and inquired about us adapting our services to their specific requirements: a non-corporate workspace with creativity-boosting features to reflect their brand image.

We worked closely with Studios Architecture to ensure their design came to life in their Nashville and Seattle offices. A specific wish of Lyft was to have cool zone dividers to mark the varying workspaces in the office, but for this not to break up the customisable, warehouse feel of the new premises. This personalisation marked specific work zones, without removing the start-up look of the office space.

Another individualistic feature is our black Sustain benches, which we illuminated with coloured panels underneath, created a relaxing, feel-good ambience. This contemporary design brings style and order to their breakout area.

The clever mix of storage, combining black storage with a grid and plywood boxes on top, removed the limitations of space and provided efficient storage for the demands of the workspace. It also keeps on-brand to the streamlined nature of the business. Further space was developed with our wooden shelving units, complimenting the black sustain benches. This design appeal effortlessly combines style and substance.

Their offices in both Nashville and Seattle, provides a collaborative workspace, which is an extension of the brand it represents. The efficient storage and design combined with the fun and feel good environment created the ideal working space for collaboration and creativity.

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