Hub: Adaptable furniture for activity-based working

Hub combines desking, storage, seating and area division to create dynamic working zones. With Hub, storage is an integral element. Designs can be more inventive, cost-effective and efficient.

The smart modular system allows for a range of complementary workspaces, perfect for activity-based working. So, what is activity-based working? Activity-based working is a concept applied to office design in order to optimally support work activities. Research has established that there are four types of working styles:

  • Collaborative: high focus
  • Individual: high focus
  • Collaborative: low focus
  • Individual: low focus

Instead of sitting someone at a desk for the majority of their working day, a work environment based around activity-based working allows people to move about the office and work at a station specifically suited to the task at hand – ultimately increasing productivity and creating a happier office. Hub is designed to make activity-based working stations easier to install around the office. Re-build and re-purpose, you can create multiple working zones from one clever system. Learn more about Hub >

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