Introducing Egger's PerfectSense Supermatt Finish

If you fancy bucking the gloss trend in style, look no further than Egger’s new PerfectSense supermatt. Spacestor is excited to present this brand new, super-smooth, super-sleek supermatt across our product range. Engineered in Germany, this innovative finish boasts low light-reflecting properties, and gives a soft, flat feel with high-end looks. Incredibly tactile, it’s velvety soft and warm to the touch, whilst being fingerprint-resistant, so it stays looking clean. Use it to highlight stand-out areas of the office, as a contrast to gloss, or simply on its own to add a luxurious feel. It comes in seven different colourways to match any office colour scheme, from a soft and chic dove grey to classic black. The coating is specially formulated with UV technology to resist scratches, but it’s not just the outside that is strong. At its core is Egger’s smooth MDF board for strength and long-term durability. Previously only available to the ultra-luxury market, this new technology means a high-quality matt finish is within the range of most budgets. To chat to us about Egger’s PerfectSense finish, click here to get in touch today.

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