Spacestor Expands Palisades Collection with Stylish New Zone Divider
Palisades Luxe Offers a Sophisticated Solution for Dividing Space in Workplace and Hospitality Environments

(New York, NY – April 29, 2020) Spacestor - a manufacturer of uniquely cool and customizable workspace solutions - is proud to introduce Palisades Luxe. The newest addition to its popular range of customizable zone dividers, Palisades Luxe features modular components and a sleek, minimalist structure with rich finishes and a range of accessories. Like its counterparts in the Palisades line, it is movable and reconfigurable, offering a flexible way to divide space in offices, restaurants, and hotels without building permanent walls - a concept Spacestor has coined “architecture within architecture.”

“We’re observing a transition towards a more creative division of space, with the use of furniture to build flexible settings that can be easily reconfigured to suit the ever-changing needs of commercial spaces,” says Nic Baxter, Managing Director at Spacestor. “Palisades Luxe was developed with this in mind - it is elegant, versatile, and perfect for creating different neighborhoods of space within an open-plan design."

Palisades Luxe is open and modular, featuring a grid-like structure that merges zone division, shelving, and storage. With roots in mid-century modernism and a sophisticated brass finish, it reflects a growing trend towards “resimercial” design, bringing the warmth and comfort of home into the commercial sphere. It is the perfect complement to Palisades II, another member of the Palisades family, which serves an architectural purpose in Spacestor’s recently opened New York flagship. Gensler's design team used Palisades II to create a central atrium, adding an arched doorway to frame the lounge area inside. The system effectively provides ample room for storage and a comfortable respite from the buzz of an open-plan office, without closing it off to natural light.

Each component of Palisades Luxe measures 32” wide by 16” deep and  can be stacked up to 5 units high to achieve many different configurations. The grid structure is finished in polished brass, accompanied by a selection of five jewel toned colors for the laminated shelving units: Olive Green, Dusk Grey, Autumn Leaf Red, Thulite Rose, and Deep Teal. Various accessories such as mirrors, shelves, and open or closed alcoves allow designers to build customized solutions that match the needs of a particular project.

About Spacestor
Founded in London in 1992, and expanding to the U.S. in 2012, Spacestor provides uniquely cool and customizable storage and ancillaries, helping blue chip clients globally to create workspace designs that support their talent attraction and retention strategies. The innovative family of products includes collaboration pods and booths, zone-dividing for the open office, and several customizable storage lines.

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