A beautiful, minimalist and biophilic new HQME for leading Lingerie brand, Lounge
Solihull, UK
designed by
Office Principles


Founded just six years ago in 2015 by husband-and-wife team Daniel and Melanie Marsden, Lounge has seen huge growth and is now the fastest growing lingerie and loungewear e-tailer in the UK! To support this rapid growth and huge increase of talent coming on board, they had moved locations multiple times in recent years to keep up. Wanting a location they could call home, as well as support their continued growth they created the 'Lounge HQME'.

“ Here at Lounge, we wanted to make our Loungers HQ feel like their home within their everyday work, so we created a HQME as we believe that in your home you can truly feel like yourself. This wouldn't have been possible if we didn't have the support from everyone that helped build this incredible HQ and we couldn't love it anymore than we all do, (we pinch ourselves daily). ”
Georgia Perry, Head of People

These new headquarters house more than 100 employees from a range of departments including marketing, product, operations and creative, and perhaps more importantly has the capacity to cater for more than 500 staff in the future. HQME is an activity-based workplace that has been crafted to attract new talent, so the final design had to deliver a space capable of inspiring and rewarding current employees whilst also attracting potential staff. 

Working with leading interior design consultancy, Office Principles, we were pleased to provide our Residence Work pods to the design. Their ply look and soft internal upholstery resonates with the minimalist and biophilic feel throughout the space. Customized with fun graphics on the glazed doors, Loungers are reminded to stay "10 Minutes Max" and to "Call with Confidence, Always". Providing a range of working environments is key to allowing them to deliver home comforts, and spaces include a fully equipped office gym, cinema clubs, quiet spaces, canteen areas, quiet spaces as well as a host of other settings!

Melanie Marsden, co-founder and chief brand officer at Lounge, said: “Opening the doors to our new global HQME could not have come at a more poignant moment in Lounge’s history. Throughout the pandemic we have worked long and hard to design a destination for comfort, collaboration and a real sense of family, a space that can inspire innovation and handle the extreme pace of our global expansion and unprecedented growth. Retaining and attracting the very best talent to join us on our journey is a huge focus, and it’s safe to say that Lounge HQME is built to grab your attention the minute you step through the doors.”