Spacestor - Hello Palisades! Customisable zone and room divider where each creation is uniquely yours!

Palisades Grid is a customizable modular zone and room divider with a mid-century modernism style, giving flexibility to today's more transitory workforce.

Open plan or individual spaces? It’s not that simple.

Top talent needs both. In addition, today’s workforce has become more transitory. Teams grow and shrink according to demand and so modern workplaces are having to become complex, multi-functional environments which provide the right mix of private and shared space in ever changing proportions

Palisades offers the solution with a customizable modular zone and room divider. Available in wood or metal grid style this product allows simple and attractive division of space into zones and neighbourhoods using dividers, not walls.

A choice of accessories including plants, acoustic panels, lighting and storage create a highly attractive visual and acoustic barrier. This system delivers the needed level of privacy between different work areas whilst maintaining a connection with what’s going on.

Palisades Grid is the lighter and more open version of this product. With design roots in mid-century minimalist modernism this style gives the most flexible choice in construction with a wider choice of accessories.

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