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PKF Cooper Parry

Accountancy Disrupter PKF Cooper Parry are Changing the Face of Their Industry

These aren’t the average worker’s offices.  And these aren’t just PKF Cooper Parry’s offices. This is an accountant’s way of life!

Changing office trends are not just for the tech industry. Accountancy disrupter PKF Cooper Parry are changing the face of their industry, questioning decisions, challenging complacency, and shaking things up. And their new Birmingham workplace sure reflects this! CEO Ade Cheatham tells us “The design brief was simple – to think about what accountants’ offices should look like and build the exact opposite.

Led by design firm Paragon Interiors Group Plc, PKF Cooper Parry transformed their workspace to match their statement of ‘disrupt, lead, make life count’.

Spacestor are proud to be part of this transformation with the Railway Carriage singled out to facilitate the collaboration of PKF Cooper Parry’s vibrant and inquisitive team. But of course this was not all.  Knowing the flexibility of our storage ranges, Paragon proposed both our Storagewall and HotLockers, with chipboard sides and brightly coloured fronts, to complete their new found agile ‘parrydise’.

As Claire Ratcliffe, head of design for Paragon, explains “PKF Cooper Parry’s ‘Sky view’ office, (completed by Paragon in 2013) is regularly listed as one of the coolest offices in the country, they wanted Blythe Valley Park to rival this. Their vision was a leading edge space to challenge the stereotype of accountants and rip up the rule book, making the clear statement of ‘Make Life Count’  They wanted a space where clients want to visit and hang out in. They wanted them to feel the vibe and energy in the building. The space needed to be flexible, fun, collaborative and promote a winning atmosphere, whilst feeling cutting edge, bold, innovative and energetic”.

But why the pink bulls, tree-houses and Segway tracks?  It sure looks cool and is fun, but there’s more behind it than that! PKF Cooper Parry put people first, and strategy second.  They say “a lot of businesses put clients first, but we think that if you have happy, engaged, motivated people then they will automatically do great work for their clients.” Their mantra of ‘putting people first’ may well be the reason for their return to the Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For list.

Most importantly, there’s a true balance.  With tree-house meeting rooms, a dream room and Spacestor’s Railway Carriages to get the best of putting those brains together, there’s also quiet and idea pods for when you just need that time to work solo.  Complete with swings, a sports bar, and a well-being tent, Cooper Parry’s new workspace is unashamedly bold; ripping up the accountant’s rule book and making life count.

Ade Cheatham, CEO of PKF Cooper Parry, said: “We don’t like to think of ourselves as your average accountancy firm; we disrupt, lead and make life count. Our new Birmingham office perfectly embodies the ethos of PKF Cooper Parry and provides us with a great workspace reflecting the very latest in modern working to accommodate our ever-growing team.”

We are proud to have worked with Paragon Interiors Group Plc on the creation of a truly inspiring workspace, putting employee welfare at its forefront and attracting key talent to the company.

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