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Cloud Communications Experts Create an Interior for Scrum Working

After Vonage, the cloud communications experts, merged with API (Application Programming Interface) platform Nexmo to make a cloud communications powerhouse, they needed a new, shared headquarters to bring the two companies together and promote innovative working practices. So they decided to completely refurbish their 22,000 square-feet office spread over two floors of the Bonhill Building, in the Silicon Roundabout district of East London, and we were very pleased to be involved.

As Vonage and Nexmo’s workforces were merging, it was important for the new office to foster a strong sense of community, while also remaining flexible enough to accommodate diverse, forward-thinking ways of working. In particular it had to allow for “scrum working”: a fast-paced approach to software development in which concentrated programming “sprints” are broken up with daily 15-minute standup meetings.

Workplace designers Peldon Rose decided to make a space that would encourage staff to move around and work wherever they wish. As such, their finished design prominently features three of our most popular products: HotLocker, Storagewall and Snugglestor seating.

Peldon Rose’s designers explain:
“We wanted to incorporate this feeling of fluidity and entice staff to explore the office, making the most of the highly functional office space. This office design is a diverse collection of spaces and staff can easily be agile in the space, giving them the freedom to work however they like.”

Racks of HotLockers and Storagewalls offer personal storage even as one is moving constantly around the office, providing connectivity and flexibility. They also help to divide the floors into different neighbourhoods, while keeping everything transparent and open-plan; our storage systems can just as easily frame a window, as well as flow into a soft Snugglestor seating area ideally suited for private conversations or solo concentration.

We are delighted to have worked with Vonage on these collaborative offices in which they can continue to improve the way businesses communicate, now and in the future.

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