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Home Improvement Retailer

In collaboration with Commercial Interior Design and Workplace Consultants, Harmsen Tilney Shane, we made these London offices into our first big Palisades project in Britain.

We used the Palisades Grid system to divide both floors into many different zones: from comfortable break out areas featuring our Fan Visitor armchairs in bright crimson, to collaborative spaces, meeting areas and hot desks. That’s not all. Our Palisades Grid is also used as a stylish mid-century modernist architectural feature, as a multipurpose storage and display space (in keeping with their love of greenery, the staff are growing flowers and succulents on its shelves) and, most importantly, as sociable “team walls” on which they hang their whiteboards and around which they have daily huddles.

We are delighted to have worked with Harmsen Tilney Shane on these bespoke collaborative spaces in which the future of home improvement will be dreamt up!

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