100% Design Highlights video

Enjoy the official 100% Design Highlights video!

100% Design 2014 was hugely successful. We haven’t spoken to anyone who didn’t think that it was a truly inspirational show, capturing the best and most innovative of today’s design themes. The official 100% Design Video captures all the highlights of the show and really reflects the atmosphere that the show created. It’s an enjoyable 2 minute watch. You’ll see our appealing Hub mini-models about halfway through the video – fun to play with and great for exploring the possibilities of the Hub system . Understandably popular during the show for a bit of light-hearted creativity. And a few seconds later, our Snugglestor earns a justifiable presence in the video – that’s the upholstered cushioned storage alcove shown behind the Titus-covered Reflex Wood tub chair. Snugglestor’s unique combination of simple comfort and ingenious Spacestor integration attracted a lot of interest. Anyway, that’s enough from us – enjoy the video. And if you want to find out more about what happened at the show, just get in touch…

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