Design roots in mid-century modernism...
a customizable and modular zone divider
The new landscape for work demands a multiplicity of space types – no longer does a sea of desks or an entirely open floorplate support employees in producing their best work. They need multifunctional environments that provide the right mix of private and collaborative spaces. As the original customizable and modular zone divider, Palisades Grid gives designers all the tools they need to create flexible space division that can form a cornerstone design element or become the centrepiece. It provides the needed levels of acoustic and visual privacy between different working zones and allows for the curation of spaces within spaces, without building walls. Palisades’ huge range of accessories enables you to curate a look that suits your workspace and is completely unique to your brand. TV alcoves, shelving and storage cater to the essentials, whilst the planters, Prism glass panels, and Mycelium accessories add a contemporary touch of biophilic design to complete the perfect zone divider.

Sustainable Design with Mycelium

Mycelium is a cutting-edge sustainable material that is coming to the fore in the interiors world for its excellent acoustic, fire retardant and sustainable properties. Find out more about how these accessories are grown, not made.

Inherently Sustainable

With built-in modularity, Palisades Grid can be adapted as office needs change, reducing the need for new furniture. Materials are sourced responsibly, and manufactured in a way that respects the environment.


Sourced responsibly and made from highly recyclable materials, Palisades Grid has a Declare label providing full transparency of the ingredients used.


Manufactured in a plant that is heated by our waste wood through biomass boilers


Palisades Grid embraces the benefits of mycelium, a ground-breaking and inherently sustainable material.

What is mycelium?

And how do we make it into things we can use?

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