Blurring the lines between hospitality and workplace design, this latest addition to the DoorDash porfolio is a true reflection of the culture and values that they were built on
Phoenix, Arizona
designed by
McCarthy Nordburg


Set in the sun-drenched city of Phoenix, Arizona, DoorDash has recently added another location to their growing portfolio of workspaces. DoorDash is a relatively young food delivery service, having started just under 10 years ago in Palo Alto, and has grown into a well-known success story with over 50 locations and thousands of employees.


They have revolutionized the concept of connecting customers with the best food in their cities, by empowering people to find their local brick-and-mortar businesses.

Designed by McCarthy Nordburg, DoorDash will occupy the entire 9-storey, 79,800sq ft building at Papago Park, and not only is the building impressive, but the new office will have significant social and economic impact on the valley, with over 1,500 new jobs being brought to the Phoenix region. And to secure and retain the best talent, the main objective was to design the new office to truly reflect the DoorDash brand and values as well as creating a dynamic work setting. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide breathtaking views of the Phoenix skyline and allow sunlight to flood the space, providing warmth and a homely aura.

The first floor holds the primary functional spaces including the spacious reception, collaboration and meeting spaces, as well as bench desking workstations in the open office. Working with Workplace Resource Colorado, we provided our Palisades Grid to create visual and acoustic divisions between the different neighbourhoods within the office. Providing the needed levels of privacy between the focused workstations, and the more relaxed breakout areas, the Palisades Grid still allows connection between the spaces to flow, as well as natural light to filter through. As testament to this well-executed design, the workspace has been awarded the 'Office Tenant Improvement Project of the Year' (more than 60k sqft) at the prestigious Arizona NAIOP Awards in May 2021. And not only this award, but also the RED Award for Office Interior of the Year!

With a focus on natural materials, the color palette is a reflection of the DoorDash brand and culture. Polished concrete floors, exposed concrete columns and wood ceiling details all blend with the biophillic feel of the plywood accessories and planting of the Palisades Grid. Color, branding and graphics have a massive impact on how the space is experienced. Each level has a unique story showcased through the use of bold colors and oversized images; from their very own values imprinted on the wall in the style of movie posters, to a custom mural on the 7th floor of Phoenix's neighborhoods.

Blurring the lines between hospitality and workplace design, this latest addition to their porfolio is a true reflection of the culture and values that DoorDash was built on.
Photography Credit ©: Leland Gebhardt