A welcoming, wellness-infused and biophilic design, EisnerAmper's New York City offices provides a unique and efficient sense of space for employees of the accounting firm giant
New York
designed by
built by
J.T. Magen & Company



Driven by rapid growth, EisnerAmper, one of the US' largest accounting firms, have recently moved into a new office in the heart of New York City.


Working with leading architects FCA, they pushed the boundaries of workplace design and developed a 125,000 square ft collaborative and agile design scheme that aligns with EisnerAmper's vision for growth, whilst also showing a deep understanding of the workplace trends of today.

Right from the outset of this workplace design project, the strength of the EisnerAmper brand shines through. The seamless entry welcomes clients to the reception lobby where EisnerAmper's digital brand messaging and environmental graphics create an immediate sense of connection to the company. The seventh-floor space was designed with the intention of building a sense of vertical community and communication between all the employees of the business. Moving from the lobby into the central zone, the space opens up into the large central hub based around a three-story atrium connecting all floors via the grand staircase.

Installed in the space are over two thousand of our HotLockers for employee's personal storage. Although lockers have been a fixture in top offices for years, they are becoming increasingly recognised as a great way to not only greatly enhance the employee experience, but to create a flexible storage solution that can aesthetically divide spaces. As an accounting company, EisnerAmper's staff receive a lot of confidential mail each day, and they wanted to create a solution that didn't involve additional mail lockers and having to distribute extra keys. Alongside this, they also wanted their employees to be able to customize the locker to suit their needs that day.

We worked with the team to create a totally custom solution in answer to their requirements. The specific dimensions of the lockers were designed to be generous enough to ensure employees' had enough space for all their personal belongings, whilst the addition of the mail slot meant that they no longer needed separate mail lockers. An internal coat hook and adjustable shelf provides additional customization inside the lockers, whilst the photo card holder allows staff to customize their locker on the outside, as well as making it easier to sort the post! The ADA compliant lock not only creates an equitable experience for all, but can be programmed to either an assigned or shared mode, to better facilitate agile working. Seamlessly set into a run together, our Phonebooths and HotLockers give a totally custom look and feel at the same time as being the ideal solution to the needs of the EisnerAmper personnel. 

Focussed on providing a healthy space with emphasis on employee wellbeing, each floor provides staff with as much access to natural daylight as possible. Along one side of the space, large windows along the side of the building flood the focus booths with light. We were pleased over thirty of our office Phonebooths to the design, to create secluded areas for focussed, individual working. Having an open side provides the benefit of still feeling connected to buzz whilst the three upholstered walls create a sound absorbing cocoon around the user.

Our Palisades Grid delivers needed levels of privacy between different working zones whilst still allowing light to filter throughout the space. Further supporting the welfare and happiness of the EisnerAmper team, FCA ensured the design included a selection of biophilic elements, from plants throughout the space, to natural colours, finishes and textures. Providing a range of spaces, for collaboration, breakout, and focussed work all impact on employee happiness, allowing them to complete their work in the type of space that suits the activity. The outdoor terrace on the seventh floor allows employees to step beyond the boundaries of the indoors and relax or work in the open-air.

Photography Credits: © Frank Oudeman/OTTO (designed by Francis Cauffman Architects/FCA)