Future-proof and space-efficient
Acoustically secluded spaces for undistracted collaboration and private conversations
Portals Huddle allows the workplace designer to curate softer, private collaboration spaces, entirely suited to the look and feel of their space. With sizes of just two or four workstations, Portals Huddle is not only a space-efficient collaboration hotspot, but is entirely future-proof, allowing for endless workplace reconfiguration and even relocation. Plug-and-play, with PIR-activated spotlights and ventilation, Portals Huddle is an acoustically secluded collaboration space, available in a huge range of exterior and interior finishes, and its step-free access allows for greater accessibility As part of the wider Portals Family, Portals Huddle seamlessly sits alongside an open-fronted solo working space, Portals Open or the private working pod, Portals Quiet so users can have the choice of a variety of work settings that are designed to work together.

A Flexible, Customizable Hotspot

Ideal for collaborative discussions or private conversations

Portals is a flexible family of protected working spaces connected to the buzz, but with sufficient privacy and space to complete productive work, and hold private conversations.

Portals Open

Quick touchdown spaces for individual work

Portals Private

Focus working spaces with reduced speech intelligibility

Portals Huddle

Acoustically secluded collaboration space

Discover Portals Huddle

Space-efficient Spaces for Dynamic Collaboration




Activated Lighting and Ventilation

Acoustic Dropseal

For Reduced Speech Intelligibility