A New Design Language for Workspace
In a world of constant change the future workspace needs space settings that are stimulating, refreshing, and highly adaptable.
Fluid, flexible, and future-proof, Aeonica takes inspiration from timeless architectural forms to provide a new interior landscaping and space-making toolkit for the workspace. Deceptively simple in concept – using just 5 classic geometric building blocks, each piece is engineered for inter-compatibility, to allow the creation of a vast choice of landscapers and space-makers – from private Cloisters, to spacious Pantheons in almost unlimited combinations. Aeonica’s organic shapes and soft forms have been specifically crafted to be globally familiar, yet not highly directive, allowing instant creation and landscaping of spaces with classic Colonnades, Portals, Pantheons, Forums, Rotundas and Cloisters – without building walls. The modular kit of parts construction, pure geometric shapes and patented quick-release joining system means shapes can be reused and reconfigured over and over again to experiment, evolve or just have fun as we adapt to our ever-changing present. All forms are available in a palette of 6 colors, carefully chosen from an earthy palette referencing minerals and biophilia to compliment and blend together shades from the natural world.

Aeonica brings something completely new to the workplace

A new design language inspired by classic architecture bringing softer forms, earthy tones in a micro-architecture tool-kit for designers. Aeonica enables the effortless creation of a timeless, cosier, and more restful vibe.


Taking influences from classical architecture, Aeonica allows the creation of forms that are timeless and instantly familiar. Using simple but distinct typologies including arches, cloisters, colonnades, rotundas, porticos and pantheons, a whole system of micro-architecture is now available to the workspace designer. A landscaping tool-kit that is distinctive, yet not highly directive.

Endless Reconfigurations

One kit, many configurations. The same 24 pieces reconfigured in multiple forms demonstrating the flexibility of Aeonica to work as enclosures, semi-enclosures, space-makers and linear separators.

Divider Configuration

Enclosure Configuration

Meeting Spaces Configuration

Booth Configuration

Aeonica is essentially a micro-architecture tool-kit opening up incredible possibilities for designers. Aeonica can be used to blend in or frame a chosen centrepiece, or it can form a centrepiece of its own, all whilst enhancing the acoustic performance of a space.

Colour & Materiality

Referencing minerals and biophillia, these six colours have been inspired by shades found in classic architectural materials and landscape architecture.

Light Greige

Dark Greige



Midnight Blue

Dark Green

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