Spacestor London Design Centre
Spacestor believes the future of the workplace is more than just a physical space - it's an experience, a destination – and one which promises to take visitors on a sensory and immersive journey
Clerkenwell, London
designed by
built by
IGS Interiors

Spacestor believes the future of the workplace is more than just a physical space - it's an experience, a destination – and one which promises to take visitors on a sensory and immersive journey. It was this belief that led Spacestor to reach out to the architectural firm, Gensler with a request; to create a showroom that isn’t a showroom, but a portal to the best of the best globally. 

It’s not a showroom, it’s a portal into the global workplace at it’s best. Great location, great people, great space and great products as well! ”
- James Lawrence, Strategy Director at Gensler

As market innovators who understand the conceptual pillars on which workplace relies on and can deliver these through providing architectural space defining furniture suited to each individual requirement, Spacestor’s new London space is a showcase and consolidation of decades of industry experience, fusing their heritage with the workplace future as a refreshed nucleus of discovery, exploration, experience, and energy is re-established in the heart of Clerkenwell.

Inside the space, the manufacturer’s products are shown in their best light as each modular and flexible unit is shown to work together with each other in order to create a seamless and strongly defined aesthetic. The Landscape for Work brings together an inter-compatible and highly customizable kit of parts that work together as a system of micro-architecture that creates spaces within spaces.

We are living in a world of constant beta. Change is the new normal. We test and fail fast and the traditional method of office space-making isn’t flexible enough creating a need for furniture to become a space-defining element, not the walls. It is with this in mind, that all Spacestor’s furniture has been crafted to work together: compatible, joined up and working in harmony. 

Fluid, flexible, and future-proof, Aeonica takes inspiration from timeless architectural forms to provide a new interior landscaping and space-making toolkit for the workspace. Deceptively simple in concept – using just 5 classic geometric building blocks, each piece is engineered for inter-compatibility, to allow the creation of a vast choice of landscapers and space-makers. In the London space, Aeonica creates a spacious pantheon for larger meetings in blush pink and a run of forest green arches to frame a permeable transition into another zone within the larger floorplan. 

Verandas, Spacestor's modular meeting room makes up the core networking space in the centre of the space. This modular meeting room offers an alternative to building unsustainable and inflexible fixed meeting rooms. The product is highly customizable with huge design choice and can be reconfigured and re-used as space needs change. This is not only sustainable with built-in future flexibility, but also gives back to the community through an agreement with De Paul International to donate £100 per Verandas room invested in. In a deep lipstick red, the modular product used in this project is a showcase of the different accessories and spaces that can be made with one configuration, creating a closed meeting room space, an open working zone, collaboration cove and various negative spaces for touch down impromtu catch ups. 

'One of the key things, being a ground floor space, trying to utilise as much of the outside presence that we could and really make the space as visible as possible, visibly exciting from the outside to engage people' Emily Segal from Gensler explains. This was realised by the creation of a specially curated vignette which runs down the window face made of Palisades II arches framing beautiful ply-clad pods in a linear but fluid configuration. The coloured grid expertly shows Spacestor offers whilst maintaining a high level aesthetic bringing a light-hearted Californian Cool vibe to this bright and colourful part of the space. 

Earthier, deeper colours are used around the other perimeters of the space, with Spacestor's own Portals Open and Portals Quiet booths, creating a wall of personal pods which are designed specifically for the the changing workplace. More protected than a desk, more connected than an enclosed pod, the Spacestor Portals range offers a personal sanctury to work in which is still connected to the buzz. In olive green, these pods and a storage and Hotlocker combination wall create a continuous datum line around the space establishing a reference point for the eye and allowing the simple architectural features to shine. 

The new London location is on the ground floor of HB Reavis’ iconic red-clad Bloom Clerkenwell. Bloom Clerkenwell offers 145,000 sq ft of world-class work, amenity and retail space designed around the themes of wellbeing, sustainability, digital connectivity and flexibility. The building includes a fitness studio, barista concept lounge and landscaped terraces including a communal roof-top edible garden hosting inspiring views across the London skyline. Being WELL Certified Platinum (Core & Shell), BREEAM Outstanding, WiredScore Platinum and rated EPC A, it is the first commercial building in the UK to achieve the highest level of certifications.  

Through their new London design centre, Spacestor are endeavouring to inspire visitors to repurpose the way they think about their workspace and encourage them to create an environment which reflects the unique culture and personality they each have. Sustainability, social responsibility, flexibility, personalisation, and individual autonomy are all explored as Spacestor continue to establish themselves as knowledge experts in the industry.