Customizable, plug-and-play meeting spaces
Combining future flexibility with a seamless meeting experience
More than ever, our workplaces are now used for collaboration, face-to-face meetings, brand engagement and culture-building. Great things happen when people come together, but the workplace experience needs to support the range of activities that employees visit the office to achieve – they need to be empowered to make their own choices about where to work based on the task in hand. Combined with this, the demand for future flexibility is becoming the norm and traditional meeting rooms are a challenge – commonly occupied by only a few people and built in such a way that they can never be moved or relocated in the future. Introducing Portals Room, a space-efficient, customizable meeting space that offers a plug-and-play solution to the traditional meeting room question. Easily adaptable to hold a meeting with four to six people, or as a solo office space, Portals Room has integrated power and charging, user-adjustable lighting, table and a screen, and is designed to enable private collaboration and a seamless meeting experience Easy customization and a huge array of finish options allow you to create a look that is totally bespoke to your design. As part of the wider Portals Family, Portals Room sits seamlessly alongside Portals Connect, our customizable video call pod and Portals Studio, a large single-person workspace, so users can have the choice of a variety of work settings that are designed to work together.

Meet: Portals Room

Easily adaptable to hold a meeting, or use a solo office space

Discover more about what makes Portals Room unique

Step-free Access

Allowing for Greater Accessibility & Inclusivity


Activated Airflow & Ventilation

Acoustic Dropseal

For Reduced Speech Intelligibility

User-Adjustable Lighting

Giving users control & supporting neurodiversity

Future Flexibility

Easily adaptable as a Workspace or a Meeting Room

Tech Integration

Integrated Power, Charging & AV Rig for a Seamless Meeting Experience

The Portals Family

Portals is a flexible family of different working spaces, providing users with a choice of a variety of work settings that are designed to work together. From single-user pods, to video call pods to larger meeting rooms, discover more about the range below.

Portals Open

Quick touchdown spaces for individual work

Portals Quiet

Focus working spaces with reduced speech intelligibility

Portals Huddle

Acoustically secluded collaboration space

Portals Connect

A private customizable video conferencing booth

Portals Room

A highly customizable plug-and-play meeting space

Portals Studio

A space efficient meeting booth or single person workspace