California-inspired, iconic enclosures
An acoustic collaborative meeting space
Dedicated quiet spaces are a necessity within the high-tech buzz of the modern working environment. Sometimes you just need to be alone. Whether you’re in need of a solitary space for private conversation or high focus working, the modern workspace provides little facility for this, with greater emphasis on open-plan collaborative and social zones, rather than individual spaces for quiet, uninterrupted working. Drawing on the rich design heritage of California, the Residences range creates iconic enclosures within the workplace, providing a serene sanctuary. Inspired by the beautiful ‘residences’, modern, innovative houses built by leading architects throughout the 20th century, these space-efficient pods provide private space using a minimum floor area. The range comes with glazed panels, allowing light to continue to shine through the workspace. The birch plywood finish provides a raw, natural aesthetic contributing towards the need for a sanctuary, inviting people to a serene space through biophilic design. Available as an individual pod, configured for either standing or seated working positions, a private meeting space for two people or now a collaborative meeting space for up to 4 people. The Residences range boasts extremely high acoustic quality, has a constant flow of fresh air with built in air vents and a highly adaptable design with a huge range of finishes options.
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