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An elegant expression of architecture within architecture...
Light, minimalist space division with endless possibilities
The new highly-flexible Palisades range allows teams to build unique scrum spaces, soft seating areas or neighbourhoods now combining shelving, zone dividing and storage to create unique divisions. Open offices bring benefits with natural light, space, collaboration, but also challenges without walls to divide space. Palisades II offers a new way of dividing zones in a light and minimalist way. An elegant expression of an architecture within an architecture, allowing for a simple, attractive division of space without building walls. With organisations changing so fast, leading techs need agile spaces that can be repurposed quickly and cheaply: Palisades II is a hugely flexible system and can be fully customized to your design, growing to any size, making new architectures around or even over your desk; your imagination is the limit! Taking inspiration from the great mid-century modernist Californian designer Muriel Coleman, Palisades II brings Coleman’s light, harmonious aesthetic into the ever-evolving workspace.

Explore the Endless Possibilities available with Palisades II...

Inspired by the great mid-century modernist designer, Muriel Coleman from California, there’s no limit to what these zone divisions can create. The hugely flexible system of Palisades II presents endless possibilities and can find a part to play in every interior...

Design Inspiration

Discover the plethora of applications for Palisades II


Soft lines and curvaceous forms


Architecture within Architecture


Creating enclosed, breakout spaces


A curated palette of colours for the workspace

Planter Box

Bring biophilia into the heart of the workplace


Affording aesthetics with sound and visual privacy


A seating nook away from the buzz


The entrance to another space

From Inspiration...to reality

Palisades II is hugely flexible and can be customized to your suit any interior with biophilia, additional storage, in-built seating nooks, acoustic panels, TV alcoves and many more accessories. The system can grow to any size, creating endless new architectures.

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