A shared passion for design
London, UK
designed by
Thirdway Interiors / Tribe Furniture



Nestled in the buzz of London's historic South Bank, Corgan's recent workspace incorporates the concept of workplace ecosystems with glass-fronted boardrooms, a dynamic work café, and an elegant bar, all contributing to the creation of a collaborative environment. Partnering with Thirdway and Tribe Furniture the space has been thoughtfully designed and decorated paying homage to its aviation and technology heritage and focusing on contemporary colors.

With a total of 16 offices spread around the world, Corgan was founded over 80 years ago and aspires to have “a culture built for agility”. As a leading architecture and design firm it is clear that Corgan had a strong influence on the design of this workspace.

An aesthetic incorporating light timbers and biophilia enhances the creativity and increases the satisfaction of employees. This environment harmonises with worker wellbeing and experience, with a beautiful example manifest in the greenery suspended above the collaborative bar, creating an ambience in the reception area. The natural light streaming through the office's large windows is a key contributor to the workplace's atmosphere and employees' productivity.

Striking black ironmongery and framing, sleek Corian surfaces, luxury leathers and upholstery, and rich laminates result in a highly contemporary look while maintaining warmth and inviting nature, creating a modern aesthetic that prioritizes both style and comfort. A hub showcasing the firm's architectural roots in jewel tones, warm woods, and leather provides a versatile environment supporting diverse work modes. From traditional desks for focused work to enclosed meeting spaces, and a café area for impromptu catchups, each zone is strategically designed to enhance user well-being and encourage collaboration.

Spacestor worked closely with Tribe Furniture and Corgan to provide a custom made Palisades II grid configuration, with an integrated screen. Acoustic panels form an alcove perfect for a highly functional personal viewing experience in a small collaborative zone. The space ties in well with the traditional European design of clean lines, exposed roof elements, and sit-to-stand workstations.

Corgan has crafted a culture which permeates throughout the space, connecting employees to the history of the organisation and ensuring moments of connection are generated and maintained. Through using a fusion of modern graphics and black and white originals on the walls of the reception area and meeting rooms, the design team have ensured a space which is progressive in nature, but still respects and remembers it’s foundations.