Tailored, space-efficient and ergonomic
The customizable and private video conferencing space with every user need catered to
More than ever, our workplaces are now used for collaboration, face-to-face meetings, brand engagement and culture-building. Great things happen when people collaborate, but the workplace must support various tasks, empowering employees to choose their work location based on the task at hand. Meet Portals Connect - a private space designed to enhance, and optimize the video call experience. Users have full flexibility to personalize every aspect of their environment, including appearance on screen with adjustable spotlights and bias lighting, as well as ventilation and airflow control. An independently adjustable deluxe desk and monitor enable optimal configuration for the most ergonomic video call experience, prioritizing user comfort and confidence. Portals Connect offers plug-and-play functionality with integrated power, screen, and charging options. Available in a wide range of exterior and interior finishes, it also features step-free access to support greater accessibility. Designed to work together, Portals Connect seamlessly sits alongside the wider Portals family to offer a wide variety of work settings that caters to every need.

A Flexible Space for the Optimal Video Call Experience

Discover more of the features that make Portals Connect unique

Discover Portals Connect

Space-efficient video booth and focus pod for the best video conferencing experience


Plug & Play Modularity


Integrated Power & USB Charging


Integrated Lighting


Level access pod

Portals is a flexible family of protected working spaces connected to the buzz, but with sufficient privacy and space to complete productive work, and hold private conversations.

Portals Connect

Private pod for an optimal video call experience

Portals Open

Quick touchdown spaces for individual work

Portals Quiet

Focus working spaces with reduced speech intelligibility

Portals Huddle

Acoustically secluded collaboration space