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Stylish, reconfigurable and sustainable...
Protective screening designed to future-proof the Workplace Return
With design roots in mid-century minimalist modernism, Vista builds on the popularity of the Palisades zoning range, providing a protective screening option to meet the needs of the post-covid workplace thoughtfully and aesthetically. A system designed to support companies in their return to the workplace without compromising on style or brand, Vista makes use of clear panelling to re-enable the human connection with visibility, giving teams the reassurance they need to get back together safely, fostering culture and collaboration. Built to last, Vista has been designed with the long-term in mind. Our spaces need equipping with products that will endure, not with ones that will become obsolete. Vista anticipates the evolving changes of the workplace and its built-in flexibility allows repurposing of the desk screening into freestanding or mobile screening with the same aesthetic look.

Palisades Vista