Over the last 10 years, the whole concept of office storage has gone through a major revolution. Now many staff are not based in a single location, and when they are on-site, they're not storing what they used to store, which was paper. There is a major current shift from centralised archive storage to personal possession storage - from bulk filing to lockers. So we are seeing a re-positioning of the location and importance of the locker, shifting from back of house right into the hub of the work area. To play their part in talent attraction, these lockers need to function smoothly, be design-appealing and support today's technology. Even personal storage may have to be shared to support agile working. Modular, customizable and highly adaptable to design, our lockers can become an extension of your brand throughout the workspace. Available in a huge range of finishes and various low and high-tech locking strategies, they are highly suited to both traditional and agile working styles.

The Optimum Personal Storage Experience

The locker will become more important than ever in the hybrid future of the post-pandemic workplace. Modular, customizable, and with wide-ranging high-tech locking strategies, the HotLocker range can become an extension of the brand throughout the workspace.

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A versatile and fully customizable solution designed to cater to your specific requirements. Experience a tailored solution that empowers employees to optimize

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