Bold, bright and immersive, Evri's new offices provide an amazing brand experience for employees and clients alike.
Leeds, UK
designed by



Evri, a UK-based delivery service company has created a truly immersive brand experience, for clients and employees alike, at their new offices in Leeds, UK. Working with leading workplace designers, Office Insight, they've embedded the important aspects of the brief; wellbeing, connectivity and supporting the customer journey, into this impactful design. 

Right from the reception, the high-impact design delivers a taste of the energetic and bold brand that Evri are. An oversized AV screen, neon signage and an abundance of biophilia all work together to create a statement as soon as visitors enter. Using our Forte storage unit in the reception, not only does it provide valuable, and essential, storage space, but the planter accessory perfectly complements the surrounding greenery.

Supporting one of the three key strands of the design, our Railway Carriage booths provide the perfect place for employees to connect and collaborate, complete with lighting, power and charging. In five different places throughout the space, they have been fully customized in size and colour to suit the look and feel of the surrounding area. Built-in alongside the Railway Carriages, the HotLockers provide not only personal storage, but a further extension of the brand with their full-size graphics.

Essential to any workplace, smart storage, breakout areas and recycling solutions are all provided for with our Storagewallsystem. The grey Teapoint incorporates a sink, dishwasher, fridge, storage and a recycling solution, giving a seamless look to this amenity-rich breakout area. Elsewhere in the space, a Recycling and Printer Point not only promotes responsible disposal of waste, but also provides the needed storage to go alongside the printers.

Creating a brand and culture-rich experience, Evri's know that this new workplace will not only help retain their current talent, but attract more.