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The Best Ever Video Conference Experience. For Everyone.
The new reality of a hybrid workplace means virtual meetings are rapidly increasing. However most workspaces are simply not designed for the virtual experience. Enter Residence Connect, the only video pod designed from the ground up with every detail created to optimise the sustained video call experience, for all staff. It's the result of a 2 year development journey with one of the world’s leading global tech companies: audio and visual privacy, controllable light levels and ventilation, height-adjustable working position and working space all tested and honed to provide optimum user experience. Careful consideration has been given to service routing, maintenance and M&E needs with patented airflow technology, integrated service voids and removable access panels. Employee protection and sustainability is catered for with all materials being LBC Red List Compliant, no added formaldehyde and patented PVC-free acoustic seals. So there we have it. The Best Ever Video Conference Experience. For Everyone.

Crafted to provide an optimal and inclusive video conferencing experience. For all staff

Discover more of the features that make Residence Connect unique

Best Video Conferencing Experience

The Best Experience comes from multiple features working together seamlessly.

SkinPerfect Range

A thoughtfully curated upholstery palette to guarantee your best look on camera. The fabrics from the LUUM range have been carefully chosen for their LRV values, to create optimal light reflectance that complements all skin tones.

Best Video Conferencing Lighting

Bais-lighting creates a soft diffused light. Paired with the SkinPerfect Upholstery range, it reflects light back onto the face to give even colouring on camera, enhancing the viewing experience and reducing eye strain.

Intuitive Personalisation

The easy-to-use buttons and knobs, make the pod intuitive to personalise. Lighting, ventilation, desk height and screen height can all be adjusted at the press of a button to create a tailored environment suited to your needs.

The Distraction of One-sided Conversations

Only hearing half of a conversation is proven to be far more distracting than a dialogue between two people. This is because our brains constantly try to predict the inaudible other half of the conversation, hindering our ability to focus. It’s not uncommon to see a whole meeting room in use for a video conversation, whilst this removes distractions from the open space, the misuse of a large meeting room reduces the spatial capacity for face-to-face collaboration in the workspace. A sound-proof pod is a perfect, space-efficient solution to this growing trend. However, most pods have primarily been designed for quiet focus work. A pod designed for communication is quite different. Not only does the acoustic quality of the pod need to be optimized, but so do the finishes of the interior, support the visual representation of all people on camera, regardless of skin tone and clothing choice.

The Development Story

Spacestor was approached by one of the world’s leading tech companies with the challenge of designing and engineering a pod that took video conversations out of the open workspace and into an efficiently-sized acoustic pod. Every feature of this space needed to be optimized for the best user experience, with inclusivity in mind. Three key principles shaped the development journey of this project, these were;

Ultimate User Experience

User-controlled aspects like lighting, airflow, desk and monitor positioning, and a seamlessly integrated tech experience

Inclusivity & Equitability

An inclusive and equitable user experience with a simple user interface for people of all abilities

Sustainable & Healthy

LBC Red List Compliant, ensuring the health, safety and comfort of users, with the least possible environmental impact

Product Features

Crafted to provide an optimal and inclusive video conferencing experience with excellent acoustic properties


Optional USB-C charging point


Controls designed for easier differentation and dexterity


Increased & adjustable airflow for longer VC use


Ergonomically adjustable table and separately adjustable monitor height


Backlit screen for optimal inclusive VC experience


Integral cable tidy with provision for USB-C power lead


Auto Door opener inside & outside on accessible booth


Level access booths (DDA compliant)

We’re pleased to announce that Residence Connect is the only pod built from the ground up to deliver the ultimate video conferencing experience to have achieved UL listing in the US & Canada, to UL 962.

An Inherently Sustainable Solution

Residence Connect has been built from the ground up to be a sustainably built video conferencing pod using healthy materials ensuring the health, safety and comfort of all users, with the least possible environmental impact.

All Materials

are LBC 3.1 Red List Compliant


Able to provide FSC certified lumber


Listed to 962 in US & Canada

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