Confidential International Legal Services Client
A space providing for its people; flexible, inclusive, and functionally effective
London, UK

Guiding their clients through legal challenges and rewarding opportunities, this International Legal Firm puts people at the center of their proceedings. Their office in Farringdon is a hub for employees, where their needs are provided for, and consideration has been put into zone creation – whether in the main office space, enclosed meeting spaces or individual pods.

With the tide turning and the emphasis swinging away from entirely open plan offices, quiet areas for focused work are being recognized as a necessity. The Residence Connect offers an acoustically secluded space where employees can focus. Especially designed from the ground up as a video pod, it is fitted with a screen, adjustable lighting, ventilation, and an adjustable desk. A level threshold and easy accessibility makes the pod The Best Ever Video Conference Experience. For Everyone.

We are hearing, again and again, the need for flexibility. An agile office where employee opportunities can be created through effective and adaptable office design. Completely customizable HotLocker units ensure a sleek user and comprehensive management experience. The radio frequency identification locking strategy used, means employees can unlock, store and lock again using existing staff cards.

The International Legal Services Client, working towards an inclusive and adaptable workplace environment for all employees.