Focused on sustainable practices, the design is colorful, agile and people centric
London, UK
designed by
Creative License


Providing accountancy and business consultancy, BDO shares insights and advice to clients all around the world. Their unifying culture and inclusive policies led them to put people first in their organization and included in this is their office. Designed by Creative License, the BDO Baker Street location is a workplace which can be inherently identified with their brand but is also highly supportive and aligned to the needs of their people. An adaptation in the aftermath of a world pandemic, focused on sustainable practices, the design is colorful, agile and people centric.

The space is designed around the firm’s corporate colors, pops of a deep teal blue and Mexican red, among neutral greys and whites and natural wooden details. The overall effect is one of modular optimism, crafted to be an invitation to a hub of innovation.

Zones have been created to enable the realization of optimum environments which are closely identify to a specific task on hand. These include focused zones, traditional desking, agile flexible areas, and collaborative points. Bleacher seating augment the functionality of a collaboration space, creating an auditorium style arrangement which is easily re-configurable to suit any situation.

The modular agility in the space is enhanced by the provision of smart HotLocker banks with an RFID locking solution. This gives employees a more complete autonomy around their workplace experience and greater tech integration is testament to a cutting-edge culture.

From the beginning, the space was designed with sustainability in mind. Existing items of furniture are masterfully blended into the scheme to eliminate unnecessary waste, along with the carefully procured new products and materials. A space which has energy, enables autonomy, and was built on sustainability, a true employee experience.