Fujitsu, Edinburgh
A space crafted to be accessible and highly functional, while fostering bright aesthetic touches and a soft biophilic vein.
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Fujitsu’s mission is to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation. They strive to build a positive workplace culture and an equitable and inclusive office for all. The Edinburgh headquaters is a space crafted by Modus to be accessible and highly functional, while fostering the bright aesthetic touches and soft biophilic vein which makes it an extension of the Fujitsu brand.

The phrase, 'workspaces for everyone' is becoming more and more important in todays workplace design scene. An increasing demand for this equity means that pods and meeting spaces must have the option to be customizable to suit employee needs. Working with Platfform, Spacestor supplied Railway Carriages which can be suited to those with less accessibility by extending the table. This enables each person to connect and participate in meetings, giving them an equal opportunity to build relationships and participate. 

and we'll be in touch to dicuss how to best design in accessibility to the workplace

Personal storage is also becoming more mandatory in offices. As a result of the pandemic, employees working from home have been used to their own space whilst also having the freedom to choose their working styles. Providing for agile working conditions, a personal storage system can be a catalyst for employee freedom and creativity. In a bright coloured gradient, Hotlockers also extend the inconic Fujitsu brand. 

Shades of blue and green promote calm and security, helping to enhance employee wellbeing and confidence. Plants connect people with nature, working and experiencing a space, creating ideas that change the world.