Confidential Self Driving Technology Client
A unique blend of nature and cutting-edge technology at the Mountain View location of a Self-Driving Technology Client
Mountain View, CA
designed by


Creating innovative technology takes great team work and collaboration, and this client is working to transform the spaces where this collaboration takes place. Reflecting the scope of the client's reach, AP+I designed a space that offers open vistas, mountains, forests, lakes and cities for their employees to immerse themselves in each day. Highway motifs and large map graphics, along with flexible architecture and furniture solutions create an inspiring space designed to motivate.

Our workspaces are increasingly becoming places to collaborate and socialise, so the need for meeting spaces is ever-growing. Working with leading furniture provider, OneWorkplace, we provided our Railway Carriages to the space for this exact need. Acting both as an ideas hub for collaboration as well as a relaxed, focus space for concentration, this office meeting booth has been designed to blend in with the overall design scheme of, reflecting the colours of nature. Opting to go for a Railway Carriage without a back allows the light to flood in from the vast panes of glass along the exterior walls.

Throughout the space, a plethora of space settings and types have been created to offer employees maximum choice in where and how they do their best work. Open gathering spaces for large and small groups are balanced with enclosed meeting and focus work spaces.