Moët Hennessy
A luxurious and elegant workplace designed to celebrate their exceptional brands, culture and values
New York, NY
designed by
TPG Architecture


Based in the iconic building at 7 World Trade Center, luxury wine and spirits brand Moët Hennessey's move to downtown Manhattan, has allowed them to create a new workplace bringing together their world-class brands in a dynamic workplace experience. Turning to leading New York architecture firm, TPG, they have crafted the 35th and 36th floors into a space that embodies their collective culture, diversity and accomplishments. An aura of luxury begins right at the reception with effervescent lights, evoking images of champagne bubbles, floating down from the ceiling above.

Wanting to inspire collaboration amongst and beyond teams as well as creating an inclusive space for everyone, TPG based the floorplate on an open-plan concept of workspaces around the perimeter with integrated storage and shelving throughout the design. Providing a simple and yet highly effective division between the various neighborhoods, several configurations of our Palisades Grid afford the necessary levels of privacy, without building walls. Customized to Moët Hennessey's exact requirements, the Palisades Grid provides luxury looking storage as well as a shelving and display area for their iconic products and branded merchandise. Equipped with power, the storage units house their printers and other tech as well as multiple refrigerators to keep the all-important drinks cold!

Floor to ceiling windows in many of the meeting rooms and breakout spaces not only allow natural light to flood the space but provide striking 360-degree views of downtown Manhattan. The sense of wellbeing is further enhanced with natural biophilia in the café and the use of organic materials and calming colours throughout the design. Carrying the brand through into every design detail, even the naming of the meeting rooms has become a brand reflection, having been named after a different shared value. The sophisticated dining room, complete with blue velvet, restaurant-like seating bears the name "Epicureanism" whilst the intimate cocktail lounge, is named "Elegance".