Drawing on their rich, Chicago-based heritage, Stantec have designed a stunning new workspace for leading retailer, Walgreens
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Having sat empty since the late 1990s, the iconic Old Chicago Post Office is undergoing a huge revitalization project. The gargantuan 1921 art deco structure is just a few miles from the first downtown Walgreens location, and almost as old as the company itself. Modernized technologies and amenity-rich spaces have brought the historic building into the 21st century, while preserved relics such as mail chutes and postal scales maintain its legacy. The new workspace welcomes hundreds of employees, including e-commerce, mobile, pharmacy, creative, technology and digital team members.

Working with leading designers, Stantec, they have created an office space, training center and a retail store all within the space complex. Taking the idea of city planning and bringing it into the workplace, communal spaces are at the core forming the city center. Stemming out from the city center are neighborhoods for groups of individual workstations and amenities. And finally two centers bookend the neighborhoods, consisting of huddle rooms, breakout areas and smaller conference rooms. Their Chicago heritage features prominently throughout the space in the wall graphics, art pieces and the 'neighborhoods' are named after notable Chicago neighborhoods such as Pilsen and Bronzeville.

With a focus on employee health and well-being, many of the amenities throughout the space are designed to promote healthy behavior or enhance employee wellbeing. A large canteen area, with a kitchenette and a plethora of breakout seating encourages employees to take the break they need and refuel. Soft seating faces a large Palisades Grid configuration, used to display artefacts significant to Walgreens and their history, as well as bringing a lot of natural biophilia into the area. A large TV screen set into the Palisades Grid allows for greater tech integration and enhanced employee experience.