Bold and on-brand, Oktra has designed another stunning workplace, this time in Denver Colorado, for fitness apparel business Gymshark
Denver, Colorado
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Having recently been valued as a £1Billion company, Gymshark was founded just under 10 years ago by Ben Francis, making it one of the fastest growing companies in recent history. Based out of Solihull, England, they are the 2nd British company to ever achieve 'Unicorn' status. And as their fan base and turnover was rapidly growing in the US, it prompted the company to open their first American office, in Denver Colorado.

Oktra, the design and build experts behind Gymshark's locations in the UK and Hong Kong, has also designed this first foray into the American market. Focussing on user-experience, the space is filled with bold design choices, and uber-smart tech systems. From the initial, dramatically low-lit reception and meet and greet area, users progress to increasingly brighter and more airy spaces. Right at the heart of the open plan office, vast glass windows provide sweeping views of the Denver city skyline and nearby mountain range.

In both their Solihull, England and Denver, Colorado locations our Railway Carriages provide the perfect meeting spot. As a free-standing furniture pod, the booths have their own power and lighting, and are fully equipped with an AV screen and camera to allow for virtual meetings! Three upholstered walls and a roof, provide a sound-absorbing cocoon around the occupants, creating the ideal place for team collaborations or socialising. With the ability to totally customize the colour of the cladding and all the internal upholstery, the Railway Carriages create an extension of the brand in both workplaces.

Smart tech like the lighting system, uses sensors to monitor surrounding levels of light and mimics natural daylight, keeping circadian rhythms going, even at the centre of the built environment. The same sensors monitor space use, allowing Gymshark to track office occupancy and efficiency whilst cutting energy use by 90% and greatly benefitting the environment!

This stunning new space provides Gymshark with an extension of their brand, through a premium physical space, to help attract and retain the best talent, for the high-growth journey ahead.