Birmingham City University
An extra 100,000 square foot for the Curzon Building of BCU, providing enviable facilities for this hub of student excellence
Birmingham, UK
designed by
Associated Architects
built by
Willmott Dixon



Originally built in 2015, the Birmingham City University's Millennium Quarter has recently undergone further transformations as part of the 'Curzon B Extension'.This expansion means that the BCU now provides space for over 3,000 students and members of staff and features 650 rooms, a student hub, mock courtrooms and a lecture theatre.


Ensuring students are put at the heart of everything they do, they set them up for life with the best opportunity for future success. The University has an enviable reputation for providing quality, student-focused education in a professional and friendly environment.

Designed by Associated Architects, a leading Birmingham-based architectural firm, the expansion of the original Curzon B provides an additional 100,000 square foot of premium learning space. BCU selected Willmott Dixon as their partner for the construction of the space, due to their extensive university track-record and committed, local team, making them an ideal partner.

Inside the University, the expansive footprint and open, often double-height, space has a bright and modern aura. We were pleased to provide several of our most popular furniture pieces. Inset into the wooden panelling our Railway Carriage booths provide key collaboration spaces. Acting both as an ideas hub for group work as well as a relaxed, focus space for concentration, the booths have integrated tech, screens, power & USB ports all to enhance the learning experience. For greater flexibility and inclusivity, the tables on the Railway Carriages extend beyond the end of the booth. Not only does this provide greater flexibility for the number of students that can collaborate at one time, but it also enables wheelchair users to have the same, equitable experience as their peers, by simply wheeling up to the table.

With the matching aesthetic style, our Phonebooths are included alongside the Railway Carriages. Designed for high-focus, solo work, it provides a different type of working area from the Railway Carriages, giving students with greater choice and flexibility over where and how they complete their work.