Heriot Watt University
A brand new campus at the Dubai Knowledge Park, shining a light on the future of education spaces
designed by
BDP Architects
built by


Heriot Watt University, is a leading global education provider with five campuses across the world: Edinburgh, Scottish Borders, Orkney, Dubai and Malaysia. Celebrating their 200th anniversary this year, they have been focusing on developing transformational solutions to global problems since 1821. The brand new campus at the Dubai Knowledge Park shines a light on the future of education spaces. It is a cutting-edge, high-tech space, and will serve thousands of students from around the world.

Whilst education facilities traditionally spread out at ground level, this modern Dubai campus offers students a multi-level, ultra-modern learning environment, with floors being divided by their main function and use-case. Reflecting it's Scottish roots, BDP has curated a design that is a mix of its Edinburgh heritage as well as Middle Eastern culture and design. Classrooms and learning spaces have been designed to be as interactive and collaborative as possible, using atypical education layouts and furniture pieces that encourage teamwork and the sharing of idea.

We were pleased to work with Khansaheb Interiors to provide twenty four Railway Carriage booths, across multiple levels of the Campus. Acting both as an ideas hub for collaboration as well as a relaxed, focus space for concentration, they provide hotspots for student interaction, wherever they are placed. With a plethora of finish options available, Khansaheb were able to customize the booths to ensure they complimented the theme and colour palette of each individual space they were set in. Fitted in alongside the Railway Carriages are their sister product, Portals. Providing a single person touchdown space for focused work or a breakout setting, the matching design aesthetic allows them to be seamlessly built-in alongside each other and provides the same level of design choice.

Ensuring student wellbeing and growth, Heriot Watt university provides their pupils with an amenity-rich space; a student council hub, a well-stocked library with books as well as online resources, 'maths gym' for supporting any mathematical study, Town Hall event space, canteen facilities and personal lockers. A bank of our HotLockers allows students to securely store their personally belongings whilst on campus. Customized with a mail slot and a name card holder, these lockers also allow students to safely receive post during the day without the need for additional mail lockers.