Anglia Ruskin University
ARU's Clerkenwell location is a transformed space for students and employees alike. With a plethora of working and learning environments, it allows all who work there to succeed to the best of their ability.
Clerkenwell, London
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Anglia Ruskin University, ARU, is an innovative global university with students from 185 countries coming to study at one of their four campuses across the UK. Offering a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, ARU are focussed on creating centres of academic excellence. Working with design and build experts Oktra, in the planning and build of their Clerkenwell, London location, together they came up with a scheme to focus on simplicity and efficiency.

The nature of the university meant that the creation of multiple working and learning environments was an important goal, to enable students to select where to work for their chosen task and plug in; essentially utilising the ABW, Activity Based Working model. Designing a space where the main clients are young adults from the University, meant it was necessary that the layout was straightforward and intuitive- with increased focus on making wayfinding simple, and the branding strong. 

In the impressive library of the University, rows of our Snugglestors provide soft-seating and a secluded study zone as well as serving students with a quiet thinking area. Integrated shelving and the addition of Palisades, laid out in a continuous z-formation, create an impressive literary sanctuary for ARU. Also woven into the design is our Zee Bench Desking, a uniquely-shaped, raw timber bench desk. It's a premium modular desk system with a softer, more bespoke look. Connected to the runs of Snugglestors and shelving, with the addition of a whiteboard upstand, the Zee Bench Desk provides the flexibility to choose between focussed individual working and a collaborative hotspot. 

The final space is now transformed for students and employees alike. With its two reception areas, impressive library, central community area, multiple classrooms and meetings rooms, the location provides a plethora of options to allow all who work there to succeed to the best of their ability.