Tishman Speyer
For their London office in the heart of Westminster, Tishman Speyer collaborated with Oktra to build a playful space, artistic and colourful in design and catering for every business need.
Westminster, London
designed by

It’s fair to say that American real estate company Tishman Speyer know a thing or two about great properties. So, for their London office in the heart of Westminster, they hired workplace designers Oktra to build a playful space that would encourage team interactions, encourage an open and transparent culture, and cater for everybody’s business needs.

The results are wonderfully artistic and colourful: a giant floor-to-ceiling Keith Haring print across a curved wall, a waiting room made completely out of glass, a see-through desk filled with Lego pieces, even a meeting room in the style of a Victoria Line carriage. We installed our Storagewall system, providing Tishman Speyer with lot of discreet storage while leaving plenty of space for all the art.

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