Everybody needs a private space for high focus work
a modular, customizable individual working booth
The open office concept can be hugely disruptive when it comes to individual, high-focus work which you really need your own private space for. It’s not only the introverts of the workplace that need quality private working spaces suited to their working style, so do the extroverts. Even those comfortable working in an open space need solitary time to get things done. Often this need is met by booking a meeting room meaning these spaces become very expensive, single-person work zones to the detriment of other users who need the space for its original purpose – a meeting. Enter the Phonebooth. A modular, space-economical booth for high focus work, which unlike bespoke joinery solutions, is tried and tested, factory built with a warranty, relocatable and highly customisable with a huge range of upholstery and finishes options. It’s aesthetically interesting and provides an intriguing, quirky alcove for private working, perfectly complimenting the design of its ‘sister’ booth, the Railway Carriage.