A neutral and homely design with splashes of bold colour choices and full-wall graphics give this space an individual identity and a vibrant feel
Stockport, UK
designed by
5Plus Architects
built by



With the brief to create a welcoming, calming, homely and engaging environment that supports agile and collaborative working for 200+ people, 5Plus Architects immediately undertook staff engagement and visionary sessions to understand more deeply, how the employees of BASF worked.


As a company, BASF create chemistry for a sustainable future, combining economic success with environmental protection and a focus on innovation. They are one of the largest chemical producers in the world, and provide a huge range of materials to most of the industries in the UK.

Based around a neutral and homely palette, the design also incorporates splashes of bold colour choices and full-wall graphics based on the outputs from the staff engagement sessions, giving the space an individual identity and a vibrant feel. As part of the vibrant bursts in the office, our HotLocker product provides fully customized, personal storage in several configurations throughout the space. Adjacent to one of the breakout zones, a run of colourful lockers reflects the colours of the bold graphic behind. Not only are the colours beautiful, but they make it easier for employees to remember which is their locker. Elsewhere in the space, the lockers have been built-in alongside our Storagewall to give a totally bespoke look and feel, whilst still retaining the benefits of a fully modular system.

In order to create a personal and responsive new home, which explores the very nature of BASF, products and materials were selected that contain BASF raw ingredients within the interior finishes. A new central feature staircase connections the two levels, to further encourage collaboration and cross-team interaction. A range of space settings, from a quiet library zone, to a games corner, to the event space that opens up onto the terrace, provide the perfect space to complete whatever task employees need to work on. Using the full height of the space our Storagewall and Coat Cupboards also allow for effective and efficient storage, maximising the storage space, on valuable sq feet.

Collaboration and teamwork is an essential part of the process for BASF working at constant innovation. Bleachers are perfect for providing these chance collaborations, bridging the gap between a meeting room and an auditorium-style space. With their great flexibility, employees can instantly create the desired environment for any interaction, making a personal, informal space that will foster a flow of inspiration and new ideas. To enhance the area even further, BASF installed a screen on the wall opposite the Bleacher configuration to upgrade the meeting experience and ease of sharing ideas. 

Photography Credit ©: Tom Bird