Global Pharmaceutical Company
As one of the largest, multinational pharmaceutical companies in the world, their reimagined workspaces are providing exceptional experiences for top talent.
Kent, UK

As one of the largest, multinational pharmaceutical companies in the world, we are pleased to have worked at a number of their different locations, creating workplace solutions, supporting business operations and enhancing employee wellbeing.

With a relentless focus on innovation, the client wanted to ensure that their new workplace fostered teamwork, collaboration and synergy to make innovative discussion and breakthroughs even more accessible. Meeting rooms in their previous space were always is short supply and large rooms were often occupied by only two or three people.

In response to their need for more and improved collaboration spaces, at their Surrey site, we provided 15 of our Railway Carriage booths, with integrated screens, some internally and some on the external walls! Not only does the Railway Carriage provide an incredibly efficient use of space, it is also relocatable and therefore adaptable to ever-changing workplace requirements.

At another of the client's locations in Kent, there has been a focus to change the feel of the office, from one of private offices and separating employees to that of a collaborative and agile working environment, to help support the departmental neighbourhoods. Working with Insightful Environments, we provided our Snugglestors to the work café area, a breakout space designed to provide relaxation for the staff but also offering further collaboration spaces. The Snugglestor provides a solution that is both innovative and space-saving. It’s an upholstered seating alcove that can serve as an impromptu meeting space as well as a quiet thinking area.





 The increase of privacy in meeting and collaboration spaces, has also supplied acoustical benefits, masking sound transfer and reducing the overall levels of noise in the office.