A flexible and collaborative working environment, with a soft and biophillic color palette for world-leading information technology provider, Fujitsu
Baker Street, London
designed by

Fujitsu are a world-leading information technology company and we have enjoyed partnering with them for over ten years. At Fujitsu, they're passionate about using technology to create a more inclusive, sustainable and trusted future. Recent years have seen Fujitsu take a very forward-thinking approach to their workplace strategy, opening up the floorplate to create a more agile, flexible and collaborative working environment.

“ We have selected the Railway Carriages and HotLockers to form part of our "cornerstone elements" landscape. These are elements that visitors and colleagues identify with each of our hub locations, and along with our brand strategy go to form the very heart of the Fujitsu workplace hubs.  ”
Olly Dickinson, Head of Property & Workplace, Fujitsu NWE

Moving away from rows of workplaces and more towards the collaboration areas, sofas and meeting booths, we were pleased to work with Modus to provide our Railway Carriage booths in multiple different configurations throughout the space. Acting both as an ideas hub for collaboration as well as a relaxed, focus space for concentration, these modular plug-and-play booths provide meeting spaces right where people need to meet and collaborate. Taking inspiration from their newly designed European spaces, the finishes palette features a tonal range of soft and warm colours combined with natural and biophilic elements.

During the 2020 Pandemic, Fujitsu announced their 'Work Life Shift' strategy; to provide the opportunity for colleagues to adapt their working style to reflect both their personal preference and geographical location. This strategy flows through to programmes focussing on hot-desking, agile working, and regional hubs, to facilitate this. Already part way through the re-design of the offices, Fujitsu were immediately proving the benefit of flexible furniture and an agile approach to workplace. To support this agile style of working, colleagues were provided with tech-based lockers, that can be assigned as needed, using our HotLocker product.

The HotLocker system allows colleagues to use whichever locker they want, whenever they want – they simply choose one from the self-service terminals and then unlock it. Furthermore, it also comes with integrated reporting to keep track of who’s used every locker. It’s a highly dynamic and future-proof system, and perfect for a multinational like Fujitsu that wants to provide an integrated, intuitive system for its permanent and visiting colleagues.