A highly dynamic and future-proof personal storage system for world-leading information technology company, Fujitsu.
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Fujitsu is a Japanese information technology company with a presence all around the world – as such, every one of their offices has to be harmoniously designed, very high-tech and well suited to the needs of its permanent and visiting employees.

When Fujitsu recently decided to refresh its London office, they chose workplace refurbishment specialists Modus for the job, and we were pleased to provide them with two large racks of our HotLocker system to take care of their changing storage needs.

The HotLocker system allows staff to use whichever locker they want, whenever they want – they simply choose one from the self-service terminals and then unlock and lock it using their phone, their bank card or even their oyster card. Furthermore, it also comes with integrated reporting to keep track of who’s used every locker. It’s a highly dynamic and future-proof system, and perfect for a multinational like Fujitsu that wants to provide an integrated, intuitive system for its permanent and visiting staff. In Baker Street, we installed a number of banks of HotLocker lockers in the shared refreshment area and another leading into the open-plan workspace, where they also functioned as a sleek, minimalist zone divider.