ATLAS Workbase
ATLAS Workbase develops office interiors fit for the hot co-working trend setting the new standard in high performance, flexible, co-working spaces intentionally designed for global and mobile workforces.
Seattle, USA
designed by
built by
Open Square

Spacestor were very pleased to work with ATLAS Workbase and provide our HotLocker system to complement their office design scheme. ATLAS Workbase is a co-working space provider based in the heart of Seattle. They set the new standard in high performance, flexible, co-working spaces intentionally designed for global and mobile workforces, that enhance productivity and innovation in a modern, and highly ergonomic setting.

As reported in the Forbes article The Rise of Co-Working, 33% of the workforce is currently office independent and this number is projected to rise to 40% by 2020. Atlas was established to enhance productivity and innovation for these kind of workers.

Freelancers cashing on the gig economy, small businesses, start-ups and remote staff can all enjoy a modern and highly ergonomic work setting that is provided on a flexible basis. Options include pay-for-usage plans, single day passes, part time packages and short or long term agreements.

As you would expect, design and technology are key to ATLAS Workbase office spaces. The interiors are designed in conjunction with Gensler and Open Square, and created with partners including FedEx Office® and Philips Lighting.

The interiors replicate a high-end aesthetic similar to that found in executive lounges, and well laid out spaces are seamlessly combined with the latest technology.

In tune with this aesthetic and the tech enabled trends of 2017 Spacestor’s HotLockers were the perfect choice to complement ATLAS Workbase’s space.

Spacestor HotLockers not only look modern and stylish, but also facilitate the trend of tech-enabled working. Mobile devices are more commonly used in work today than ever before and lockers provide a secure place to store these when not in use.

Our collaboration also helps ATLAS Workbase appeal to the growing millennial workforce, who love to share everything, are always on mobile devices and enjoy working in spaces designed for tasks not just for job titles.

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