Regus, London
The world's largest provider of flexible state-of-the-art co-working spaces creates yet another inspiring working environment.
London, UK
designed by
Modus Group
built by
Modus Group

Regus is the world's largest provider of flexible state-of-the-art co-working and virtual office rentals that appeal to a wide range of users. Their aim is to break into the social side of a flexible work industry in order to attract the new generation of workers. In order to understand the needs of the new generation of workers, they researched into furniture that is both functional and aesthetically appealing to potential employees.

Regus provide open workspaces for rent, but after noticing the changing trends in workspace design and the rise of co-working and collaborative spaces they decided it was vital to update their profitable office interior to reflect this.

They chose our Zee desk for its unique blend of design and bench desk functionality. The desk provided a fun and distinctive place to work in the office while displaying cool colour tones to fit in with the workspace design and Regus brand.

We also provided the space with our HotLockers for employees personal items and storage products to utilise the space in the co-working office creating a clean and open workspace that the next generation of workers and entrepreneurs can enjoy.

Regus were aware that the cool, upcoming creative generation of smart workers may not associate their aspirations and work style to the corporate Regus environment. Co-working creator, Brad Neuburg’s concept of co-working started as a reaction to Regus’ previous office designs.  Neuburg had worked in a start-up company based in their workspaces and was unhappy with the past Regus spaces that had “a very corporate drone feel to it”.  From this Regus noticed how important Neuburg’s concept of co-working was and decided to create two brands of workspaces. One for creative workers and the other for tech-savvy workers and entrepreneurs to ensure their workspaces cater for all and attract new generations too.

Regus workspaces provide:

• Flexible workspaces.
• Modern and ergonomic furniture.
• Customizable workspace interior designs.
• Integrated technology.
• Professional business environments and meeting rooms.
• Collaborative environments.

Working closely with Modus Group and Regus, we were pleased to provide our HotLockersZee Bench Desk and storagesolutions to create a modern, creative and aestheitically pleasing co-working environment for Regus’ new workspaces as they continue to create a vibrant place for a range of employees to use and enjoy.

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