The new headquarters of California's meditation app provider, Headspace, designed by Kelly Robinson, feature the Railway Carriage reflecting the energetic vibe of the company.
California, USA
designed by
Kelly Robinson
built by
Two Furnish

Railway Carriages at the New Headquarters of California's Meditation App Provider designed by Kelly Robinson. Californian meditation app provider ‘Headspace’ were keen to provide their employees with a quiet working space to encourage creativity. The project was designed by Kelly Robinson who has also successfully completed some outstanding designs for Airbnb and Sound Cloud, to name but a few. Kelly has had two of her projects feature in BuzzFeed’s ’22 Gorgeous Startup Offices You Wish You Worked In’.


Headspace was founded by Andy Puddicombe alongside his business partner Rich Pierson and was designed with the initial hope to help stressed-out executives, but has since extended with the aim to generally help humanity cope better with the stresses and strains of everyday life. In April of this year (2016), Headspace claimed to have over 6 million users on the app which is available across the globe. The founders of Headspace have said that they never were nor will be motivated by financial success, they are simply on “a social mission, to help create a healthier, happier world.”

“ The layout of the office naturally encourages people to move around a lot on a daily basis. ”
Kelly Robinson

Kelly Robinson is passionate and a fond believer about the importance of health and happiness at work, throughout her career she has gained a deep understanding on the importance of utilising all space and its impact. She strives to create a working environment focused on improving health and wellness for all workers to utilise and enjoy.  This fitted Headspace’s vision as well as our own belief – that people who feel good do better.

So when the founders of Headspace asked for an environment where employees could be the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves it seemed like the perfect project for Kelly who teamed up Joelle Drury of Wolcott Al to carry out the task a head. Together they lead the way and began the transformation of the 18,000 square feet production space into a balanced, playful environment which would be Headspace’s first intentionally designed headquarters.

The work space was designed specifically to have a layout which encourages employees to move around frequently throughout the day to help promote healthy habits. This was achieved by having open desks and meeting rooms located furthest from the rooms designed for relaxation , as well as having additional work spaces which allow workers to vary their locations throughout the day. We provided acoustically enhanced quiet working pods – our Railway Carriage –  in array of vibrant colours to reflect their vibe.  Their aim in designing this workspace to help employees be more energised and focused has evidently been achieved as one employee says “the layout of the office naturally encourages people to move around a lot on a daily basis”.

Culture manager Tom Freeman felt passionate about bringing the outside world indoors and working with elements of nature wherever possible, which worked wonderfully with Kelly and her Californian aesthetic and focus on natural elements. Kelly worked alongside Joelle to create a free flowing user experience that would allow the qualities of nature to work harmoniously within the working environment they were creating. While doing so keeping in mind the company values which include kindness, creativity and authenticity. There was a wide range of working space within the design ranging from a large café and auditorium that have been combined to allow large events and meetings to meditation pods designed to allow employees to take a short relaxed break to relieve stress from their heavy workloads.

We are proud to have worked with Headspace and Kelly Robinson on the creation of their new headquarters, with their promotion of happier, healthier workspaces directly linking to our core belief.  We’d love to discuss how we can help you with your project,  just click here to get in touch.