A market-leading financial technology business that believes in great workspace culture being the key to success created a space appealing to all staff members while increasing productivity.
London, UK
designed by
Spectrum Workplace
built by
Spectrum Workplace

For a market-leading financial technology business such as RiskFirst – which provides risk analytics and reporting solutions to the investment market – a great workspace culture is key to success. That's why we were delighted to work closely with the design department at Spectrum Workplace on the specification for RiskFirst's new office space in Aldgate Tower.

Their aims were to create a space that appeals to all staff members while increasing productivity, providing private meeting spaces for clients and creating an environment that reflected the company's culture, thus improving staff retention.

Spectrum workplace and RiskFirst stopped by our London Design Centre to view some Spacestor products, and after hearing their goals, we agreed that our Railway CarriagesHot Lockers and storage walls would be the perfect installments to help achieve this.

With Spectrum’s design skills and Spacestor’s dynamic workspace furniture, we created diverse breakout areas with Railway Carriages in vibrant colours to fit in with the workspace theme.

Our Railway Carriages provided a space for focus, informal meetings and served to break down department boundaries and encourage collaborative work.

Our Hot Locker and storage wall products were integrated within the walls of the workspace to utilise space and provide plenty of storage solutions for the ever increasing needs of staff. Their unique design shows them off as a statement, again reflecting RiskFirst’s company culture.

We were happy to provide furniture to create a vibrant workspace that employees at RiskFirst can use and enjoy for a multitude of tasks for years to come.

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