Leading Financial Services Provider
A leading financial services client located in Boston, Massachusetts has collaborated with Jacobs, Officeworks and Colonial to create a stunning space overlooking Boston's famous harbour.
Boston, Massachusetts
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Recently we were delighted to work with the professional services firm Jacobs, the furniture dealership Officeworks and the fit-out specialists Colonial on a stunning space for a leading financial services client in Boston, Massachusetts.

Of particular interest is how a variety of our most popular products were used in innovative ways, making good use of their adaptability and agility. For instance, a run of mauve Snugglestor seating areas has been built into one wall, and each is combined with a table, some chairs and a hanging pendant light to create a space of its own for small meetings or relaxing breaks.

In another nice design touch, the long office space is artfully divided into zones by standalone blocks of our Palisades system, but also by our Railway Carriage meeting pods. Here the open-sided Railway Carriages perform a variety of roles: they offer more intimate spaces for solo or two-person work, they function as zone dividers, and they frame a cinematic view through the centre of the office. Furthermore, they allow the building’s long glass wall to be left unobstructed, making the most of the sweeping views of Boston’s famous harbour.