You know employees need their own personal storage space and you’re passionate about improving their workplace experience and see lockers as way to create an extension of your brand.


But perhaps you don’t know quite where to go now. Or you’re not sure what your options are. Let us show you the seven main points you must consider when deciding on your locker strategy.  

The Spacestor Process

Key points to consider when choosing your locking strategy

Locking Strategy

Have you considered what type of lock best suits your workplace strategy? Would Shared or Assigned locks best suit your employees needs? Click here for a guide on what locks are available and which one will be the best fit for your circumstance.  

Locker Administration

Do you need an information rich management system that will give you full audit trails of locker usage? Do you need a master key or system override to open lockers in an emergency? Are you looking for easy onboarding of new hires?  


Are technological integration and security a necessity? Will your lockers need a more sophisticated security system? Do you need to involve your IT team in the process? Perhaps there are software restrictions on your server?  

User Experience

What size does the locker need to be, or do you need a variety? Are keys or codes going to be a problem for employees when forgotten? Or would you like to use existing fobs or cards? Maybe a touchless solution through an app might make someone feel more secure?  

The Spacestor Process

Key points to consider when choosing your locking strategy


Considering the accessibility goes past the choice of an ADA-approved lock, although this is important. You also need to consider the location of your lockers and whether everyone will be able to easily access them.  

Visual Customization

It’s time to choose the finish of your lockers. Available in almost any finish you would like, click here to see what’s possible, remembering that you can also provide your own graphics to create the perfect surface look. 

Locker Functionality

Will your lockers become more than just a storage solution? Adding features such as charging, post slots, number tags, internal lights and shelves all increase the functionality and add more value to your lockers.  

Next Steps: Choosing Your Lock

Now you have a greater understanding of the overall locker process, you'll want to discover more about the lock options that are available to you. Whilst it might seem like a sea of options at first, locks can be split into three simple categories and will enable you to find the perfect solution to your workplace strategy. 

Explore Lock Options

Next Steps: Locker Clusters

Whilst on your locker journey, you'll discover the opportunity to integrate other furniture into your locker design. Moving decisively away from the back-of-house traditional locker and turning this storage system into a feature. Explore how to break up visual repetitiveness and utilize the unique compatibility of our HotLocker.  

Explore Locker Clusters

76% of people say having a locker in their workplace would enhance their employee experience

Spacestor User Research, 2022

Spacestor offers the full package - We understand, advise, provide, make, follow through and finish. Contact us to book a locker consultancy session here and we’ll help you find the right solution for your needs!