You feel employees need their own personal storage space, you’re passionate about improving their workplace experience and see lockers as way to create an extension of your brand.  


You also see an opportunity to integrate other furniture into your locker design. Moving decisively away from the back-of-house traditional locker and turning this storage system into a feature. But are you looking for a way to break up the visual repetitiveness and utilize the unique compatibility of our HotLocker.   


This page is for you. Immerse yourself in expert content or check out our past locker combination projects.

The Ideal Product Solution

Lockers are a medium through which all other products can sing. This is because they can be customized to any height, enabling a seamless compatibility with any other Spacestor product. Past projects have manifest the effectiveness of breaking large runs of lockers with other features, such as a collaboration space or a site for impromptu meetings. Not only does this work to stunning aesthetic effect, but is also highly functional, meaning a more streamlined employee experience. Perhaps you need to change your shoes by your locker after jogging in to work? Check out our Snugglestor integration below, a project for a Global Pharmaceutical Client. Looking for a functional space creator? Check out our double-sided banks, a Domestic & General project below. The opportunities are endless, have a look at past projects and get inspiration for the future.  

Sustainable Future Flexibility

Locker combinations are also a greener option. This is because their modular structure means they can be relocatable and reconfigurable if the needs of the space or people change. The adaptability that the locker combinations provide mean that an investment now can take many shapes going into the future. Bespoke designed lockers, integrated to fit around a Railway Carriage today, could be separated into various banks throughout the space tomorrow, with the custom nature of the product having no effect on its unique adaptability.  

Locker Combination Projects

See our locker combination projects for inspiration!


Bold, bright and immersive, Hermes' new offices provide an amazing brand experience for employees and clients alike. Railway Carriages and Storagewall are integrated within the HotLockers as a sleek cohesive unit. With full size graphics and mechanical combination locks, they become an extension of the Hermes brand. 


A destination workplace with a holistic approach for an innovative payment solution provider. In several banks throughout the space, built-in with Storagewall, five-high HotLockers finished in a modern black and orange look, support Bottomline employees with personal storage space as well as elevating the employee experience. 

Global Biopharmaceutical Company

Built into HotLockers, the Snugglestor provides an upholstered alcove which serves as an impromptu meeting space or personal breakout space for employees. In a matching design aesthetic and finish, full-height Storagewall provides a seamless look across the entirety of the storage solution.

Domestic & General

A sympathetic design, created for the hybrid world with sustainable roots and award-winning results. Choice of RFID locks means employee experience is enriched with a personal storage solution which runs alongside agile working. Banks of HotLockers are an extension of the D&G brand, highlighting a soft natural look, a calm environment which attracts and retains talent. 

Arthritis Research UK

Combining the needs of an agile workspace at Arthritis Research UK, a variety of zones and biophilia, white HotLocker banks were integrated with Palisades Grid and used throughout the office to create zones for collaboration, relaxation and social gathering.


The New York City offices of EisnerAmper provide a unique and welcoming space for employees of the accounting firm giant. Integrated with phonebooths, the HotLockers have a mail slot, photo card holder and ADA approved lock, as well as an in-built adjustable shelf and an internal coat hook. The lock choice can be set to assigned or unassigned to accommodate the flexible working model.  

We have selected the Spacestor Railway Carriages and HotLockers to form part of our "cornerstone elements" landscape. These are elements that visitors and colleagues identify with each of our hub locations, and along with our brand strategy go to form the very heart of the Fujitsu workplace hubs.

Olly Dickinson, Head of Property & Workplace, Fujitsu NWE

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