Domestic & General
A sympathetic design, created for the hybrid world with sustainable roots and award winning results.
Wimbledon, UK
designed by
SpaceInvader Design


Domestic & General's space was designed through the years of the pandemic and has been especially created to reflect and provide solutions for, the hybrid workplace. The firm’s community-first attitude led them to involve SpaceInvader Design and develop a resi-mercial, sympathetic interior masterpiece. Sustainability had an important presence during the project including the company participating in the ‘School in a Box’ scheme. This design won a DrivenXDesign Silver Award and was a Mixology North21 Project of the Year Finalist.

The space is divided loosely into neighbourhoods, with the elements of the ‘Analog’ zones being highly flexible and reconfigurable. Critically there are a mix of ‘Societal’ or collaboration communities and ‘Principle’ or classic work settings. Working with Wagstaff to deliver the furniture package, we provided our pale pink and grey Railway Carriages creating an ideal site for impromptu, informal meetings.

Social climate is perceptively regarded, and D&G's corporate colours are represented in diffused shades to bring a feeling of home to the space. The space is tailored to employee needs, especially the vital need of an equal experience for all in a hybrid working environment, where there are a mix of those in the office and those working from home.

Employee experience is enriched further with a personal storage solution which runs alongside agile working. Banks of Lockers are an extension of the D&G brand, highlighting a soft natural look, a calm environment which attracts and retains talent. Textures and colours are understated, but bursts of colour add inspiration and stimulate creative thought. Strongly linked to the sympathetic design is the natural light and biophilia which uplifts mood and assists crucially with employee wellbeing.